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Brushing your pet's coat regularly will help keep them looking their best, but sometimes it takes more than just cleaning to keep your pet in best healthy grooming condition. By bringing your pet into our office, we can comb through your pet's hair checking on changes in their skin. We provide your pet with nail clipping services and teeth cleaning to prevent unpleasant health problems that can result from ignoring these things. At Love Your Dog, serving the Buffalo, NY area, we offer dog and cat grooming services.

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Yorkshire terrier dog taking a bath — Dog grooming in East Amherst, NY

Dog Grooming

Our groomers are exceptionally talented in their dog grooming abilities. They are up-to-date on advanced techniques and products that are suited for your dog's skin and coat type.Get the style your pooch is looking for – comfortable, low-maintenance, or show groom. We work with you to achieve the look you want for your dog. Our groomers apply training techniques and positive reinforcement to ensure your dog's experience is a positive one. We are experts in dog training and grooming so you can be sure of a smooth process.

Not only for overall appearance, but dog grooming services also help maintain your dog's health. At Love Your Dog, serving the Buffalo, NY area, we offer quality grooming services to keep your furry friend looking its best all year long.


Haircuts - To prevent tangles and matting, regular baths and brushing are necessary. Mats can pull at the hair and skin. Baths also help reduce shedding and keep your dog smelling fresh and clean.

Nail Trimming - It is important to cut your dog's nails when they begin to grow out. When you can hear the clinking sound against your floor, this may be an indication that it is time to have your dog's nails trimmed.

Ear Cleaning - At Love Your Dog, we can properly clean out your dog's ears. Healthy ears include a pale color, cool to touch and odor free.

Teeth Brushing - Proper oral health is important for dogs. Just like humans, plaque and bacteria can form on dog's teeth due to their food which can harden into tartar, turning into gingivitis and tooth loss.
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Siberian kitten — Cat grooming in East Amherst, NY

Cat Grooming

From nail trimming and bathing to ear cleaning and brushing, maintenance for your cat can go a long way. At Love Your Dog, not only do we offer quality dog grooming services, but we offer cat grooming as well. Our staff understands the importance of grooming and is here to help, even when your furry friend doesn't quite enjoy a thorough grooming session.

Although cats are born naturally equipped with grooming tools, including their tongue and teeth, sometimes they may get into something and become sticky or smelly. Our cat groomers can help give your cat a bath while ensuring little to no stress for your cat.

After the bathing, we will brush your furry friend. Brushing your cat is important as it helps foster healthy hair, as well as stimulates blood flow and improves the condition of their skin. From eye care, nail care, and more, our cat grooming services are second to none in the Buffalo, NY area. Call us to make an appointment today.
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Cat grooming in East Amherst, NY
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