Dog Grooming

Grooming for Your Beloved Pup 

Get the style your pooch is looking for at Love Your Dog. Our exceptionally talented groomers do all styles from comfortable, low-maintenance looks to show-ready, fabulous styles. We are up to date on advanced techniques and products suited for different skin and coat types. Also, we apply training techniques and positive reinforcement to ensure your dog's experience is a positive one.

Did you know? Besides improving your dog’s overall appearance, grooming also helps maintain your dog's health. Come to us to keep your furry friend looking and feeling his or her best all year long.

Our Services 

  • Haircuts- To prevent tangles and matting, regular baths and brushing are necessary. Mats can pull at the hair and skin. Baths also help reduce shedding and keep your dog smelling fresh and clean.

  • Nail Trimming- It is important to cut your dog's nails when they begin to grow out. When you can hear the clinking sound against your floor, this may be an indication that it is time to have your dog's nails trimmed. 

  • Ear Cleaning- We can properly clean out your dog's ears. Healthy ears are a pale color, cool to touch, and odor free. 

  • Teeth Brushing- Proper oral health is important for dogs. Just like humans, plaque and bacteria can form on a dog's teeth due to their food. This can harden into tartar, turning into gingivitis and tooth loss. 
Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pet with our groomers.
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