Cat Grooming

Grooming for Your Favorite Feline 

While cats are clean by nature, they still benefit from a trip to the groomers. Cats are born equipped with grooming tools like their tongue and teeth. However, if they get into something and become sticky or smelly, a bath is necessary. From nail trimming and ear cleaning to bathing and brushing, our cat grooming services are second to none in the Buffalo, NY area. 

Our Services 

  • Bathing & Brushing- We can give your cat a bath while ensuring little to no stress for your cat. After the bath, we will brush your furry friend. Brushing your cat is important since it helps foster healthy hair, stimulates blood flow, and improves the condition of their skin. 

  • Nail Care- If you’ve ever tried to trim your cat’s claws, you know it’s not an easy or enjoyable process. Leave the trimming to us, and we’ll make sure your cat’s nails are properly cut and healthy. 

  • Ear Cleaning- Regular ear care is often overlooked, but it should be a part of your cat’s regular grooming routine. Infections can cause serious pain and health issues for your pet. Come to us for a safe ear cleaning for your kitty.  
Call us today to make an appointment for your feline friend. 
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