Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding for Buffalo, NY

Our cat boarding facility can meet the needs of your cat(s) and kitten(s) while you are away and unable to care for them. Whether your cat is outgoing or timid, our professionals will take extra measures to make sure your cat is comfortable and properly cared for throughout his or her entire stay with us. We will adjust care based on your cat’s personality, needs, and wants.

Plan Your Cat’s Stay 

You can choose between a cat condo or a cat crate for your feline friend. We give cats one-on-one playtime and cuddle time when they stay with us. We have a vast assortment of play tunnels, scratching posts, and motorized toys that will satisfy your cat’s curiosity. Your cat can also enjoy time in the cat lounge, where they can perch and watch birds, or just enjoy laying in the sunlight. 

Call us today for more details on our cat boarding services for Buffalo, NY. We look forward to meeting your feline friends and providing them with a safe, enjoyable environment for them while you’re away. 
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